The e-Scrip program has been a means for the Amazing Grace Christian Church to receive financial support.

What is eScrip?

eScript is a program established by Electronic Scrip Incorporated to provide support to non-profit organizations. eScript is connected to approximately 600 merchants nationwide that contribute a percentage of the money spent at one of their establishments by a supporter of a specific non-profit organization, in this case Amazing Grace Christian Church.

How does it work?

Signup for eScript on internet and register your grocery store club card(s), frequent customer card and/or your credit card. When registering please use our group ID# 9604888 or name, Amazing Grace Christian Church.

Whenever you use your card(s) at any of the eScript businesses a percentage of your purchase automatically goes to support the church. It does not cost you anything. The registration section of the website is secured. Your information is handled confidentially. The website lists the participating merchants. Each merchant gives a different percentage, from 1% to 10% of the purchase. Merchants such as, Safeway, Coco's, Chevron, Pep Boys, OfficeMax, Eddie Bauer, etc. participate in this program.